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A Letter From Stephen White About The Siege

I like to write books that are about something. THE SIEGE is about something.

What if the next time is different? What if the next terrorist is as good at exploiting our vulnerability as Google is at search? As Apple is at cool? Are we ready?

On the edge of the Yale campus sits a century-old building with two-foot thick marble walls—the windowless tomb of a secret society called Book & Snake. Multiple hostages are locked inside. What secrets must be revealed to prevent the next student from being marched outside the front door to die?

Suspended Boulder police detective Sam Purdy thinks he's spending a long weekend at an engagement celebration in Florida, but soon finds himself trying to understand what on earth is going on inside the mysterious building at Yale. In New Haven, he is snared by an unlikely pair of feds: FBI agent Christopher Poe and CIA analyst Deirdre Drake. The trio is confronting an unseen enemy who is playing by no known rules, who is anticipating every FBI tactic, who seems indifferent to escape, and who is confounding all expectations with each passing hour. What does he want? He's not saying. How can he be stopped? No one has an answer.

In 2006, when I wrote KILL ME, I thought I'd written the most provocative thriller I was capable of imagining. I was wrong. THE SIEGE—five years banging around in my brain—is every bit as provocative, and its characters are every bit as alluring. But the story is even more relentless. The stakes are higher. The questions are bigger. The urgency to turn pages is greater. I do hope you will take a look at THE SIEGE. I'm confident that once you feel the tension and after you meet these characters, you will not want to put it down.

Thank you.
Stephen White


The Siege paperback (USA)

Signet (USA) Paperback, 2010, ISBN: 0451228480

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