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The Siege (2009)

Stephen White — author of 15 gripping New York Times bestsellers — returns with a relentlessly propelled thriller featuring one of his most popular series characters — Alan Gregory's buddy Sam Purdy.

As a lovely April weekend approaches on the Yale campus it appears that a number of students — including the sons of both the Secretary of the Army and newest Supreme Court Justice — may have suddenly gone missing. Kidnapping? Prank? Terrorism? The authorities aren't sure. No demands are made. But the high profile disappearances draw the attention of the CIA and the FBI's vaunted Hostage Rescue Team. Attention quickly focuses on the fortress-like tomb of one of Yale's secret societies.

Suspended Boulder police detective Sam Purdy is minding his own business in Miami, where he is attending the engagement party of his girlfriend's daughter. The wealthy mother-of-the-groom to-be, Ann Summers Calderon, pulls Sam aside to confide that she's received an ominous warning. When Ann's daughter, a Yale junior, fails to arrive in Florida for her brother's festivities, Sam soon finds himself on a private jet to New Haven, where he is quickly snared by an unlikely pair of Feds. FBI agent Christopher Poe and CIA analyst Deirdre Drake each have their own reasons to fear, and seek, whoever is behind the mystery. Sam, Poe, and Dee join together, desperately trying to solve the riddle of what is going on inside the windowless Ionic stone tomb on the edge of campus.

The clock is pounding in their ears. The unknown enemy is playing by no known rules. . . Is making no demands . . . Is refusing to communicate with the hostage negotiator. . . Is somehow anticipating every FBI move. . . Is completely unconcerned about getting away. . .

And . . . one by one, is sending students out the building's front door to die.

The Siege is available now in paperback in the USA and Canada.


The Siege paperback (USA)

Signet (USA) Paperback, 2010, ISBN: 0451228480

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